Bopp Reuther Messtechnik oval gear vs coriolis mass flowWhat are the advantages of high accuracy oval gear flowmeters compared to Coriolis Mass Flow instruments?

Coriolis manufacturers often give the impression that their Mass Flow solution the only reliable high precision measurement technology for oil flow applications.

After comparing the specs and analyzing the facts we do disagree. In many cases Bopp & Reuther Oval Gear Flow Meters offer a better alternative comparing the reliability, profitibility, maintenance issues and the range of viscosity. Here an overview.


Last modified on Tuesday, 26 September 2023 03:46

Oval Gear FLowmetering Bopp & Reuther MesstechnikOval Gear Meters from Bopp & Reuther Messtechnik for high accuracy volume measurement of liquids and liquid gases in loading applications of the chemical and petrochemical industry, petroleum industry and of food and beverages:

  • high accuracy and repeatibilty: fiscal/custody transfer
  • reliable, long lasting, low maintenance
  • low pressure drop, no drift, no inlet/outlet required
  • compact, simple installation and commisioning
  • Large range of metered liquids, wide viscosity range
Last modified on Tuesday, 26 September 2023 03:19

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