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Oval Gear vs Coriolis flow measurement for high accuracy applications

Bopp Reuther Messtechnik oval gear vs coriolis mass flowWhat are the advantages of high accuracy oval gear flowmeters compared to Coriolis Mass Flow instruments?

Coriolis manufacturers often give the impression that their Mass Flow solution the only reliable high precision measurement technology for oil flow applications.

After comparing the specs and analyzing the facts we do disagree. In many cases Bopp & Reuther Oval Gear Flow Meters offer a better alternative comparing the reliability, profitibility, maintenance issues and the range of viscosity. Here an overview.


Comparison of Coriolis Mass Flow to Bopp & Reuther Oval Gear Flow Metering

   Coriolis Mass Flow  B&R Oval Gear
 Measurement  Mass Flow, volume calculated
 Volumetric Flow, mass calculated
   70% of the applications use volumetric flow output: why using an indirect method which requires volume/mass calculations? 
 Reaction time
 (to flow, temp, pressure change)
 3-4 sec  0.5-0.6 sec, suitable for fast batching

 Pressure drop for high viscosity
 above 100 CPS

 exponentially rising for higher viscosities  low, energy saving
 Range of viscosity  viscosity specific, narrow range  from LPG to bitumen
 Zero offset calibration  every 6-18 months, regular maintenance  no offset drift, no EMC or software issue
 Average life time  10 years  25 years
 Spare part availability  10 years  50 years
 Initial Cost  25% lower than OG  high
 Calibration, Repair, Maint. Cost  high  about 40-50% of Coriolis MF
 Cost of Ownership (15 years)  high  20-25% lower than Coriolis MF


Bopp & Reuther Messtechnik oval gear flow meter working principleCompared to other Oval Gear and PD technologies B&R oval gear Meters have only 2 moving parts with no friction, no low/high pressure in the measuring chamber. The pivoted oval wheels are moved and lubricated by the process liquid. They have the lowest pressure drop of PD meters and require no straight inlet or outlet.


CMF offer accurate and reliable measurement and should be considered where mass is the required output parameter. CMF need regular zero offset calibration for exact measurement. Their life span, electronic set up and spare part availability is limited to 10 years before replacement.

Bopp & Reuther gear flow meters will be the economic choice for plant owners in the long term perspective with low maintenance and calibration requirements.

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