Density and Concentration Cabinets, Metering Skids

The liquid density meter of the DIMF series is used for continuous measurement of the density/concentration of liquids or liquid mixtures.The proven tuning fork principle guarantees a high acccuracy with very good long term stability. The robust design ensures reliable operation even under harsh operating conditions.

The DIMF series density/concentration meter is based on the oscillating element principle.Changes in the density of the fluid lead to changes in the natural frequency. These frequency changes will be picked up by the electronic transducer and converted into a signal proportional to density or concentration.

PIC Engineering & Services Malaysia Density and Concentration Solutions, Cabinets, Compact Units, Metering Skids
  • Concentration measurement of acids and bases (hydrochloric/sulphuric/nitric acid, sodium hydroxide, aromatic chlorine solution, ammonia, urea,…)
  • Concentration measurement of alcohol and solvents (ethanol, methanol, DMAC, methyl butanol, aceton, glycol, adblue, anti-freeze…)
  • Concentration measurement of solids in liquids (porcelain, ketchup, fat in milk, sugar/Brix, water/starch, tartaric acid…)
  • Density measurement (hydro carbons, bio fuel, air bubbles in water …)
Cabinets for Density and Concentration Measurement
Cabinet for density and concentration measurement
Cabinet for density and concentration measurement
cabinet for density and concentration measurement
Compact Density Units - Custody Transfer Solutions
Cabinet for density and concentration measurement
CDU compact density unit for DIMF density measurement
custody transfer metering run with density measurement

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