Magnetic Level Gauges and Float Switches

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  • Industry and Marine applications
  • made in Netherlands

Magnetic Level Gauges

Hadro magnetic level gauges work on the principle of communicating vessels, therefore the level in the measuring chamber will be the same as the level in the vessel.
The float in the measuring chamber has a magnet inside which turns the flaps of the indicating rail. The selection of the float depends on the medium, density, working pressure and temperature.

Each flap in the indicating rail is fitted with a permanent magnet which makes this level gauge unaffected by shocks, vibrations and high temperatures. The level gauge is suitable for moisture, aggressive media, high and low temperature and high pressure applications. One side of the flap is colored white and the other side red / orange. So the level can be easily seen over a greater distance or in darker places.

The standard magnetic level gauge comes with a full plastic indication rail or with stainless steel flaps in a aluminium or stainless steel 316 housing.
Optionally models with a coating (lining) from E-CTFE, PFA or ETFA, models made from plastic, Hastelloy, Monel, Titanium or 6Mo or magnetic level  gauges with (steam)jacket for heating of cooling are available.

Standard, intrinsically safe (Exi) or explosion proof (Exd) magnetic level switches or reedchain transmitter (4-20 mA) can be fitted with HART, Profi- or Fieldbus output connections.

Hadro - Magnetic Level Gauges
Hadro - Magnetic Level Gauges

Pointer D:
With two or more process connections for mounting on the side of a vessel. This design is suitable for many different applications, for example condensate tanks, LPG tanks etc.

Pointer F: With one process connection on the bottom, this type is suitable for mounting above a tank. This design is mostly used for storage tank below the surface.
Pointer M: With two or more process connections for mounting on the side of a vessel. This design is specially made for evaporating applications.
Pointer R: With two process connections at the end of the level gauge, this type is suitable for mounting between two pipelines.
Pointer L: With one process connection for mounting on the side of a vessel. This model is often used for day tanks for ships.

Hadro - Magnetic Level Gauges Options mounting

Float Switches

Hadro Float Switches indicate critical liquid level set/switching points with up to 4 floats.
The pressure-less system does not require maintenance. The Floats are suitable for hot process media. A temperature transmitter can be integrated into the float.


  • Designs according to client wishes
  • Safe, environmental friendly and maintenance free construction
  • Pressureless floatsystem
  • Temperature till 180°C possible
  • Measurement almost unaffected by SG variations
  • Standard material Stainless Steel 316, other materials on request
  • Temperature transmitter inside the float switch possible
Hadro - Float Switches

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