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Moisture sensor measurement for different materials

ACO MoisturesensorEvery material has a certain moisture. By knowing that moisture the production, the storage and the quality of this material can be optimized. ACO sensors determine the moisture of different materials in real-time. They are used in silos, conveyer belts, screw conveyers, etc. The moisture sensors are working with the capacity measuring principle. The surface of the sensor is directly in contact with the measured material. The ACO moisture sensors are:

  • less affected by contamination, discoloration, particle size and temperature of the material
  • designed to cope with the toughest application, longstanding, reliable reading
  • adaptable to existing plants with little effort
  • up to 16 sensors in 1 system



  • Temparture range of measuring material 4…50°CACO Moisture Sensore Options
  • Direct measuring value at sensor
  • Calibration is made directly at sensor, beyond the process


  • Integrated temperature sensing device (Pt100) optional
  • Suitable analogue standard signal available: 4…20mA / 0…20mA / 0…10V
  • Sensor with extended temperature range (up to 80°C)
  • Sensor for measurement in mixer
  • Sensor with teflon surface
  • Sensor with rubber surface

Mounting Kits:

ACO Moisture Sensor Mounting kitsmore information

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