The Lightning Leader

Novaris is an Australian company dedicated to providing protection solutions to prevent equipment damage caused by direct lightning strikes, surges and other electrical disturbances on power and data signalling lines.  Such problems can contribute to or directly cause the failure of sensitive electrical and electronic equipment.

Novaris’ products are produced in accordance with the latest world standards and as such are regularly used by many companies and individuals to protect their systems from potentially severe electrical disturbances. Applications include railway signalling, SCADA, power systems, process control, data networks, CCTV, security and communications systems.

Product Range
Power Protection
Power Protection
Instrumentation & Process Control Protection
Instrumentation & Process Control Protection
Instrumentation Hazardous Area Protection
Instrumentation Hazardous Area Protection

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In line with the Movement Control Order implemented by the Malaysian Government, please be informed that our PIC Engineering team is working from their home office setup:

Period: 18 March until 14 April 2020
(according to further instructions by the Government).

Please send in your inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We will answer as soon as possible. We regret any delay due to the effects of global epidemic crisis to our worldwide partners.