Dec 20
in Leitenberger

LR dryblock temperature calibrator Leitenberger PyrosThe compact, portable and light-weight dry well (metal block) temperature calibrator Pyros series from Leitenberger is used for testing, calibration of temperature instruments: dial and digital thermometer, temperature probes and sensors.

The dry block calibrator is expecially designed for field applications, robust and able to maintain high accuracy and stability in severe conditions such as offshore rigs and on board of vessels. The innovative forced air ventilation reduces the cooling time and prevents the sensors under test being exposed to excessive heating.

Oct 28
in KEP

TKEP Battery powered Flow Indicatorhe BAT R/T Millennium edition (BATRT-M) is a battery powered or loop powered indicator accepting magnetic pickup, DC pulse and switch closure inputs from pulse producing flowmeters with 5 digit rate and 8 digit total output options:

  • Ratemaker/Totalizer (display of rate and total)
  • Dual Totalizer (display of resettable and grand total)
  • Ratemaker/Totalizer & Alarm, (display of rate & total with isolated transistor alarm output)


Feb 22
in Leitenberger

Leitenberger LR LPC300-Cal Software for mobile pressure calibration with the LR LPC300 calibratorCalibration Software for the mobile pressure calibrator LR-Cal LPC300 for online calibration, setting procedures and certification

Mar 27
in Leitenberger

Leitenberger LR-LAP P electrical pressure calibration testpump -0.9 to 25 barThe electric pump  LR-Cal LAP-P with 2 pressure points generates test and calibration pressures (for overpressure up to 25 bar and vacuum pressure up to -0.9 bar) for pressure comparison tests. Fine adjustment is performed manually with a very sensitive fine adjustment valve.

Oct 26
in Leitenberger

leitenberger calibration test kit pressureThe portable pressure calibration kits LR-Cal LPP-KIT from Leitenberger come with a pressure source (test pump) and reference pressure gauge / calibrator in a portable case.

They allow a comfortable, efficient and very accurate testing, adjusting and calibrating of pressure measuring devices in the field, as well as in laboratories and workshops.


Jan 24
in Leitenberger

Leitenberger, Germany offers a wide variety of electronic pressure switches:

  • Leitenberger electronic pressure switch program

    up to 4 switch contacts
  • LED display, IO-Link
  • freely configurable switching points & hysteresis delay function, Min/Max value data storage, scalable analog output signal
  • Intrinsically safe (Exia for gas), PDVF pressure port
  • stainless steel or ceramic sensor, flush models
  • vacuum, low, high pressure up to 2200 bar
  • for hygienic, medical, Oleo and Petro chemical, high viscosity, paint, HVAC, process engineering

more information on pressure switch models

foam control Hycontrol

Proven measurement technology leads to optimised foam control and reduced process costs Introduction. Exciting new technology developments in foam measurement and control are bringing important benefits to the waste water industry, as well as a wide range of other process industries. The accurate and reliable measurement of foam brings substantial savings to companies through the improved control of anti-foaming agents, improved process control, increased yield, reduced product loss and reduction in equipment failure.

Hycontrol silo overpressurization, lime siloPowdered lime is utilised extensively in the treatment of wastewater; for example, to reduce odour in raw, primary sludge, as a cost-effective alternative to using digesters. It is also used in other water treatment processes to help balance pH levels and as part of composting methods for sludge removed from the bottom of primary tanks after it has been de-watered and compressed. The lime and remaining water in the sludge together creates a heated chemical reaction, accelerating the process.

Dec 28
in Leitenberger

Leitenberger Pressure Calibration devices, handpumps, calibrator, handheld, testkit, deadweight testerLeitenberger from Germany offers a wide range of certified high precision devices for the testing and calibration of pressure instruments such as

  • analog and digital pressure gauges, manometers,
  • transmitters, switches and pressure valves.

Procedures and certificates can be automated and documented.


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