Quarry Project hycontrol lafarge wireless level measurementAn innovative six point HyLink radio transmission level system, supplied by leading level measuring specialists Hycontrol, is providing crucial operational data on the contents of screen house bins at Lafarge’s Hafod quarry in south Wales, producing over 250,000 tons of grit stone per year. Level data from the screen house bins is transmitted simultaneously to the receiver in the crusher control room and to robust portable receiver units in the cabs of the two dumper trucks used to transport screened product around the site.

Hycontrol silo overpressurization, lime siloPowdered lime is utilised extensively in the treatment of wastewater; for example, to reduce odour in raw, primary sludge, as a cost-effective alternative to using digesters. It is also used in other water treatment processes to help balance pH levels and as part of composting methods for sludge removed from the bottom of primary tanks after it has been de-watered and compressed. The lime and remaining water in the sludge together creates a heated chemical reaction, accelerating the process.

Sep 07
in KEP

ProcessmeterThe KEP 1/8 DIN digital panel meters offers a wide variety of

  • analog and pulse inputs
  • thermocouple and RTD sensor input

displaying rate/totalizer, process and batch control values.

Sep 06
in Hycontrol

Guided Wave Radar Continuous Level Measurement GWR TDR Hycontrol VF04 from HycontrolThe Hycontrol Reflex VF04 TDR guided wave radar is unaffected by pressure, temperature, viscosity, vacuum, foam, dust, coating or changes in dielectric constant.

Sep 28
in Hycontrol

Bitumen safety system from Hycontrol for truck discharge to avoid spillingBitumen is delivered with up to 230°C and stored in high temperature storage tanks. Spillages from bitumen storage tanks as a result of overfilling cause fatal accidents, environmental and financial losses.

Aug 10
in Hycontrol

admittance level switch Hycontrol Admittance level switches from Hycontrol work with a considerable build up on the probe without false switching. They can distinguish between a coating and product level.


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