Nov 08
in Leitenberger

LR LPT 336 Leitenberger Pressure Transmitter for technical gases, hydrogen, oxygen, fuel cell

Pressure Measurement for Technical Gases - Hydrogen - Fuel Cell- Medical Technology

  • specially developed for Hydrogen applications
  • insensitive to pressure peaks
  • high overpressure capability
  • oil and grease free according to ISO 15001, (e.g. for oxygen appl.)
Mar 07
in KEP

KEP Energy Flow Metering for hot, chilled water, steamKEP's extensive line of Energy Flow Computers are compatible with all popular flowmeter types for Steam Metering and Heated/Chilled Water applications. Our Supertrol II flow computers are also used in liquid & gas applications. This series includes models for Heated/Chilled Water and Steam Metering, Net Rate/Total, SUM Rate/Total, Manifold Controller, Utility Metering, Vehicle & Skid Mounting and many more...

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Dec 28
in Leitenberger

Leitenberger Pressure Calibration devices, handpumps, calibrator, handheld, testkit, deadweight testerLeitenberger from Germany offers a wide range of certified high precision devices for the testing and calibration of pressure instruments such as

  • analog and digital pressure gauges, manometers,
  • transmitters, switches and pressure valves.

Procedures and certificates can be automated and documented.


Nov 29
in Aplisens

Pitottube Flow Sensor from AplisensThe PRP Pitot Tube Flowsensor measures the flow in pipes and ducts according to the differential pressure working principle. It allows bidirectional flow with low pressure loss, low maintenance and installation cost and accurate long term reading.


Oct 06
in KEP

KEP Multifunction Process MetersThe KEP mLINE Multifunction Process Meters measure, calculate conversions and control process instruments, Temperature Controllers and Humidity/Temperature Sensors for temperature, pressure, weight, flow, level, speed, humidity, number, time, voltage and current parameters.

The product range and services meet the needs of the textile, food, plastic, glass, automotive, chemicals, iron and steel, cement, machinery production, energy and other sectors.

Sep 23
in KEP

Flow Computers for Liquids and Gases: Flow - Utility Metering - Energy ConsumptionA flow computer is a special purpose device which computes a corrected flow based on information derived from raw input signals and stored sensor and fluid properties information. KEP Flow Computers with inbuilt rate, total and batching functions are compatible with all flowmeter types and are ideal for metering energy consumption in Heated/Chilled Water and Steam applications.

Typical flow applications include computation of heat flow, mass flow, corrected volume flow, data logging, communication, remote metering, alarming and control functions, replacement of a small PLC functionality


Mar 03
in PIC News

The PIC Technical Training Modules:

  • Training5

    give an overview and deeper understanding in process monitoring, control and automation 
  • explain control systems and their underlying technology in the plant
  • show the lastest I&PC trends
  • show practical steps to improve plant productivity
  • provide hands-on experience with demo instruments and calibration tools
  • develop skills for selecting, commissioning, maintaining, calibrating and troubleshooting of instrumentation


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