PIC Services PanelHow do you monitor processes in a standalone environment

  • where there is no PLC or
  • where it is too far or complicated

to connect to an existing control room? 

PIC Engineering offers hard-wired panel solutions for remote or isolated projects with monitoring and control requirements.

Jul 25
in Hycontrol

ME Capacitance Level Sensor Hycontrol with adjustable sensitivity on the dialectric constant, solid and liquid level measurement On/off level switches alert operators when product in a storage vessel hits a certain high or low level to avoid overspilling or a tank running dry.

Jul 26
in Hycontrol

ME Capacitance Level Sensor Hycontrol with adjustable sensitivity on the dialectric constant, solid and liquid level measurement The Hycontrol Capacitance level sensors ME Series uses the same transmitter and sensor for all applications with adjustable sensitivity on the dielectric constant for simplified product selection, installation and maintenance. Mount it - wire it - forget it.

Biogas Anaerobic Digester Foam Control with Hycontrol

The worldwide growing Anaerobic Digestion (AD) and Biogas sector faces a massive problem while converting organic waste to biogas: Foam. Excess foaming generated in the AD process can reduce gas production by up to 40% and cause huge damages.

Feb 07
in Hycontrol

Hycontrol Smart Foam to detect and control foam with a single sensor/transmitter in F&B, Paper, Water, Waste Water, Effluent, SludgeThe SmartFoam IMA sensor from Hycontrol, UK is designed to detect and control a wide range of light to dense foams with a single foul-resistant probe. The Suresense+ Controller protects from overflow and blockage, prevents pollution and enables dosing of anti foam agents to reduce cost.

Jan 24
in Leitenberger

Leitenberger, Germany offers a wide variety of electronic pressure switches:

  • Leitenberger electronic pressure switch program

    up to 4 switch contacts
  • LED display, IO-Link
  • freely configurable switching points & hysteresis delay function, Min/Max value data storage, scalable analog output signal
  • Intrinsically safe (Exia for gas), PDVF pressure port
  • stainless steel or ceramic sensor, flush models
  • vacuum, low, high pressure up to 2200 bar
  • for hygienic, medical, Oleo and Petro chemical, high viscosity, paint, HVAC, process engineering

more information on pressure switch models

anaerobic digester foam problems, measurement Hycontrol

Foam generated in anaerobic digestion can be a costly headache for AD producers and their insurers. In this article Sam Gould, Foam Technology Specialist at level measurement pioneers Hycontrol, discusses the problems uncontrolled foam can cause and how Hycontrol’s SureSense⁺ system can address them.

foam control Hycontrol

Proven measurement technology leads to optimised foam control and reduced process costs Introduction. Exciting new technology developments in foam measurement and control are bringing important benefits to the waste water industry, as well as a wide range of other process industries. The accurate and reliable measurement of foam brings substantial savings to companies through the improved control of anti-foaming agents, improved process control, increased yield, reduced product loss and reduction in equipment failure.

Caldic Whitepaper Hycontrol GWR Radar Level ATEX Measurement for Chemical applicationA comprehensive ATEX certified multi-point TDR radar level measuring and data recording system installed by Hycontrol is providing invaluable stock management information for leading chemical distributors Caldic UK Ltd. The VF series Guided Wave Radar Transmitters are fitted to Caldic’s nineteen 55,000 litre bulk storage vessels, which are at the heart of their operation in Chesterfield.

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