28 Jun

Valve Testbench PS-T 10 for Safety and Control Valve Testing EFCOThe EFCO portable valve test bench The PS-T 10 for testing of safety valves and control valves from DN 10 to DN 200. Test media can be water, air or nitrogen (test pressure of up to 200 bar). You are able to carry out housing tests, response pressure tests and seat leakage tests. The clamping is done manually with 4 clamping claws.

11 Jan

Valve Testbench PS 15M for Safety and Control Valve Testing EFCOValve test bench for testing of safety valves and shut-off / control valves

  • vertical operation
  • pipesize DN 15 (1/2“) - DN 500 (20“)
  • clamping force 15 - 75 tons, infinitely adjustable
  • robust construction, easy operation
  • brushed stainless steel frontpanel, opt. touch panel
  • modular design with many options
  • opt. Valve-Doc software for logging, recording, analyzing

watch video PS 15M

01 Dec

Portable & stationary, vertical & horizontal or tilting, manual & automatic valve test benches for:

  • shell/body tests (valve housing)EFCO Valve Testbenches testbench horizontal
  • valve seat leakage tests of spindle gland and shut off devices
  • set pressure test of safety & shut off valves
  • test pressure: water 1380 bar, air & nitrogen 300 bar, vacuum
  • for gate, check, control, ball, safety, shut-off valves, etc.
  • valve test procedure setting, analysis and docu system

watch video

19 Mar

The EFCO product range comprises portable and stationary lathes and flange-facers, both CNC-controlled and conventional:

18 Mar

EFCO offers modern and advanced Grinding and Lapping Solutions. The product range includes portable and stationary valve-grinding and -lapping equipment for a great variety of applications:

15 Mar

Valve testing is one of the core competences for EFCO Germany: The stationary and mobile valve test equipment is used all over the world. The valve benches are customized according to the test media, valve and test pressure requirements. The program ranges from manually operated test benches for the service area to automated valve test benches for the manufacturing sector.

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