22 Feb
in KEP

BATindicatorFeaturing 5 digits of rate (or resettable total) and 8 digits of grand total, the BAT battery or loop powered indicator from KEP is capable of accepting magnetic pickup, DC pulse and switch closure inputs from pulse producing flowmeters. Panel mounting, NEMA4X, explosion proof, stainless steel housing options.

21 Jan
in KEP

KEPhumiditycontrollerThe mL-HTC Temperature + Humidity controller from KEP is designed for the control of humidity and temperature in industrial processes.

PID or On / Off control is available to control the process.

4 Relays are offered for control and alarm outputs.


15 Dec
in KEP

KEPControllerKEP offers a wide range of batch control products with single stage or dual stage batching.  From simple pulse input LED to sophisticated batching with temperature compensation for accurate corrected volume batch results

20 Oct
in KEP


Infilink is a feature rich Industrial Automation – HMI/SCADA software for today’s “Open”, IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) connected world.

We connect with all programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to provide an easy to use, open, scalable, secure platform to optimize the value of your operation.

Designed for small- to medium-sized PLC applications, the Infilink software offers the latest in HMI monitoring, communication, trending and datalogging.


06 Oct
in KEP

The KEP mLINE Multifunction Process Meters measure, calculate conversions and control process instruments, Temperature Controllers and Humidity/Temperature Sensors for temperature, pressure, weight, flow, level, speed, humidity, number, time, voltage and current parameters. The product range and services meet the needs of the textile, food, plastic, glass, automotive, chemicals, iron and steel, cement, machinery production, energy and other sectors.

23 Sep
in KEP

KEPFlowA flow computer is a special purpose device which computes a corrected flow based on information derived from raw input signals and stored sensor and fluid properties information. KEP Flow Computers with inbuilt rate, total and batching functions are compatible with all flowmeter types and are ideal for metering energy consumption in Heated/Chilled Water and Steam applications.

Typical flow applications include computation of heat flow, mass flow, corrected volume flow, data logging, communication, remote metering, alarming and control functions, replacement of a small PLC functionality


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