03 Nov
in Hycontrol

HycontrolUltrasonicThe Microflex D from Hycontrol is a compact, non-intrusive, loop-powered ultrasonic level transmitter for continuous measurement of liquids. It is used in a wide range of industries such as water, waste, food, dairy, oil, chemicals and more.

04 Aug
in Hycontrol

bitumensafetyHycontrol offers customized bitumen and tank safety systems in accordance with the RBI (Refined Bitumen Association) safety guidelines to improve site health & safety, reduce waste and improve efficiency. Typical system features include level gauges, high-level and ultimate high-level alarms, LED traffic lights and ground-level test facilities. Systems deploy group alarms for ultimate high (red) and high-level (amber) alarms. These work independently of each other, activated by either a high-temperature-proof TDR or RF probe. Each beacon has its siren also with different tones to differentiate between them. ATEX options are also available.

15 Jul
in Hycontrol

silooverpressurizationPowder storage silos are commonplace in many industries handling cement, lime, sugar, flour an others but are at risk of over-pressurisation during tanker deliveries. The root causes of this are invariably either driver error resulting in uncontrolled air pressure being discharged during the filling procedure, or a failure of the filter venting unit. Pressures from as little as 1 or 2 psi are enough to rupture a silo or blow its filter unit off the top. This poses serious risks, which is why a comprehensive, failsafe safety and control system is vital.

01 Jul
in Hycontrol

foamcontrolThe SureSense⁺ is an advanced wall-mounted foam controller, which connects to up to three fouling protected foam sensors with the unique IMA sensing technology to allows for the accurate control of a wide range of aqueous foams, differentiating between foam and liquid contact.

The controller monitors and controls the foam process and can activate vacuum valves, gas control or a dosing pump for anti-foam agents to either keep the foam at a fixed level or to reduce the foam height.

15 Jun
in Hycontrol

noncontactradarHycontrol non-contact level measurement gauges are immune to dust, vacuum, humidity, foam, and variations in pressure, dielectric and temperature. Hycontrol’s 24 GHz and 80 GHz radar products offer a wide range of solutions for solids, powders, dust as well as liquids in hygienic, sanitary, corrosive, chemical and petro-chem. environments.

05 May
in Hycontrol

guidedwaveradarTDR (time domain reflectometry) is sometimes called ‘radar on a rope’ or guided wave radar (GWR). Its contact-based measurement principle makes it ideal for reliable product monitoring for solids and liquds. This level measurement technology is immune to dust, vacuum, humidity, foam, and variations in pressure, dielectric and temperature. The Hycontrol Reflex VF7 type GWR is suitable for interface measurements with with liquids of different dielectric constant parameters.

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