28 Sep
in Hycontrol

Bitumen safety system from Hycontrol for truck discharge to avoid spillingBitumen is delivered with up to 230°C and stored in high temperature storage tanks. Spillages from bitumen storage tanks as a result of overfilling cause fatal accidents, environmental and financial losses.

06 Sep
in Hycontrol

Guided Wave Radar Continuous Level Measurement GWR TDR Hycontrol VF04 from HycontrolThe Hycontrol Reflex VF04 TDR guided wave radar is unaffected by pressure, temperature, viscosity, vacuum, foam, dust, coating or changes in dielectric constant.

10 Aug
in Hycontrol

admittance switch MD series Hycontrol for build up media in probes Admittance level switches for liquids and solids from Hycontrol can distinguish between a probe coat build up and the product level.


09 Aug
in Hycontrol

vibrating switch Hycontrol DP type for solids and powders level measurementThe vibrating level switch DP series from Hycontrol gives sensitive reading for light powders and solids and prevents tank silos from overfill

03 May
in Hycontrol

ME Capacitance Level Sensor Hycontrol with adjustable sensitivity on the dialectric constant, solid and liquid level measurement On/off level switches alert operators when product in a storage vessel hits a certain high or low level to avoid overspilling or a tank running dry.

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