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Flow Computers for Liquids and Gases: Flow - Utility Metering - Energy Consumption

flowmeters around st2 smA flow computer is a special purpose device which computes a corrected flow based on information derived from raw input signals and stored sensor and fluid properties information. KEP Flow Computers with inbuilt rate, total and batching functions are compatible with all flowmeter types and are ideal for metering energy consumption in Heated/Chilled Water and Steam applications.

Typical flow applications include computation of heat flow, mass flow, corrected volume flow, data logging, communication, remote metering, alarming and control functions, replacement of a small PLC functionality


Liquid & Gas Flow Computer Models/Enclosures:

with inbuilt printer system rugged vehicle or skid mount enclosure
liquid & gas applications multi-functional utlity metering
 FC printer FCvehicle FCliquid  FC utility
  • including transaction printout with Impact Printer (other printers available)
  • enclosed in a fiberglass enclosure
  • Provisions for Sealing. Universal Viscosity Curve (UVC) and API Eq.
  • Advanced Batching Features: Overrun Compensation, Autobatch Start, Print End of Batch, Slow Fill, 2 Stage Batching, remote metering
  • Pulse support, Universal Viscosity Curve and Strouhal/ Roshko adv. Linearization Methods
  • Gas & Liquid Flow Equations (Volume, Mass, Corrected Volume), 10 selectable fluid tables
  • variety of types for liquid, gas, steam, heat applications
  • variety of inputs & outputs, multiple flow equations

Features/Options of Multifunctional Utility Meters:


  • bundled with Peak Demand, AGA NX-19, Stacked DP, Stack Emissions Controller, Manifold
  • multichannel auxillary inputs and totalizers
  • with separate heating and cooling total
  • for saturated steam energy and condensate return energy
  • net rate and net total flow and sum of 2 flowmeters
  • 2 Channel Manifold Controller
  • natural gas AGA NX-19
  • steam mass, steam heat, steam net heat, steam delta heat equations
  • industrial gases with advanced gas equations: gass mass, corr. volume, combustion heat
  • compressed air with advanced options

more details on Supertrol II Flowcomputer

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