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Magnetic Level Gauges for rough and aggressive Media

For rough environments and agressive media

Hadro Magnetic Level Gauges

Hadro Magnetic level gauges from Netherlands work on the principle of communicating vessels, therefore the level in the measuring chamber will be the same as the level in the vessel.

The measuring chamber is fitted with a float, which has a magnet inside. The float with magnet will float on the medium and the magnet in the float will turn the flaps of the indicating rail. Because of the construction of the flaps, one side white and on the other red / orange it is possible to see the level over a greater distance or in darker places.

Each flap in the indicating rail is fitted with a permanent magnet which makes this level gauge unaffected by shocks, vibrations and high temperatures. The level gauge is suitable for moisture, aggressive media, high and low temperature and high pressure applications.


Features and Optionsmaglevelwp

  • Variety of mounting options: top, bottom, side
  • Plastic or stainless steel flaps
  • Plastic, aluminium or stainless steel housing
  • Scale / ruler available in cm, % or litres
  • Pointers to set visual alarms at any level
  • Magnetic Switch for Alarm Signals
  • Reedchain transmitter for 4-20 mA output
  • Interface reading for liquids with different densities




  • Standard unpressurised floatsystem without mechanical or magnetic guide rails reduces danger
  • Fully corrosion resistant system
  • Measurement is unaffected by pressure, vacuum, temperature, foam and viscosity
  • Minimum sensitivity to density variations
  • Permanent indication without external power supply
  • Low temperature version is fitted with ice free indication strip
  • PET approved, GL, LRS and BV approval for vesselscertificates
  • Eccentric drain cannot blocked by the float
  • Safe, environmentally friendly and maintenance-free construction

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