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Foam Control System Suresense+ with IMA Foam Sensors

suresenseThe SureSense⁺ is an advanced wall-mounted foam controller, which connects to up to three fouling protected foam sensors with the unique IMA sensing technology to allows for the accurate control of a wide range of aqueous foams, differentiating between foam and liquid contact.

The controller monitors and controls the foam process and can activate vacuum valves, gas control or a dosing pump for anti-foam agents to either keep the foam at a fixed level or to reduce the foam height.




Varieties of Foam in Industrial Processes

types of foam

Foam arises in many industries, and can have a complex set of causes. For example, it can be produced biologically (as in anaerobic digestion or brewing), through the cleansing of wastewater, or as a result of cleaning starchy vegetables. It can be an essential part of the production process, or an unwanted side-effect. Foam overflow in open tanks causes environmental contamination, injuries, hazards and product loss, in closed tanks is can lead to severe damage of gas compressors, vacuum pumps,vessels, blocked PRVs, filters, etc.


Unique Hycontrol Foam Control SolutionIMAprobe

Hycontrol’s unique IMA sensing® technology ensures the system will operate correctly even if the attached sensors become severely fouled. IMA sensing® technology incorporates a special guard electrode (shown in blue, diagram right), which disrupts the signal produced by the accumulated fouling. This would otherwise have a desensitising effect on the probe. The main foam sensor (in red) is then able to ignore product build-up, regardless of thickness, and to monitor only foam within the process. Even with dense or sticky fouling on the sensor, the probe continues to give accurate and reliable foam control.

The controller is pre-programmed with several useful factory application settings/recipes to aid set-up and offers both proportional and delay-and-shot algorithms for antifoam dosing when controlling a pump or valve. To discriminate between foam and splashing or other spurious triggers, the controller has an adjustable response time. Although the controller can provide stand-alone control, it can also interface to control different actions such as vacuum valves or gas control. Thresholds are adjustable for both foam and liquid level to allow for very light foams. ATEX barriers for hazardous areas are also available.

The Suresense+ Foam Technology is applied in a wide range of Industries:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical
  • Anaerobic Digestion
  • Biogas

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