Dec 26
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Mini-Batcher for Flow Control MB2


The MinI-Batcher MB2 is ideal for all batching applications.

The display will show Batch Amount, Rate and Batch/Grand Total at the push of a button.

The Start and Stop buttons make batching simple.


The MINI-Batcher is a 6 digit totalizer and 4.5 digit ratemeter with two relay outputs. One output is dedicated to the batch amount (Preset A), the other can be activated for Prewarn or Batch/Grand Total. The unit can count up to the preset (reset to 0) or down from the preset (set to preset). Start, Stop and Reset functions can be activated from the front panel or remote inputs.An analog output (assignable for Rate or Batch Amount) is available for data logging.Several units can communicate to a host computer on a single RS232 or RS422 loop.



  • 5 Digit Scaling Factor
  • Display Rate, Batch Size and(Number of Batches or Grand Total)MB2application
  • Second B Relay Programmable for Output at Prewarn or selected Batch/Grand Total
  • Pulse Input – 10 kHz Max.
  • Security Lockout
  • RS422/RS232 Serial Communication Option
  • Modbus RTU RS422/RS485/RS232
  • NEMA 4X / IP65 Front Panel

PDF datasheet


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