Jul 11
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Hadro Float Switches

floatswitches Hadro

Hadro Float Switches from Netherlands indicate critical liquid level set/switching points with upto 4 floats.

The pressureless system does not require maintenance.

The Floats are suitable for hot process media up to 180 degrees Celcius. A temperature transmitter can be integrated into the float.


Features and Optionsfloat setpoints

  • Designs according to client requirement
  • Safe, environmentally friendly, maintenance free construction
  • Pressureless floatsystem
  • Temperature till 180 degr. C possible
  • Measurement almost unaffected by Specific Gravity (SG) variations
  • Standard material Stainless Steel 316, other materials on request
  • Temperature transmitter inside the float switch possible
  • Signal output: Ohm, 4-20mA, EEx i, HART


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