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Level Measurement in Vacuum Tank Vessels

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Aplisens APM 2 pressure tank vessel level measurementAplisens developed a differential pressure transmitter for level measurement in vacuum tanks based on 2 absolute pressure transmitters:

  • Modular construction with possibility of replacing of each module of the measuring system
  • Output signal 4 ÷ 20 mA + HART
  • Accuracy 0,1%
  • Intrinsically safe and ex-proof versions

The modular electronic differential pressure transmitter APM-2 is applicable to hydrostatic measure of level in closed tanks, density or phase boundary. The measuring system consists of 3 separate modules – central unit and two absolute pressure transmitters.The Level is calculated in central unit basing on measurement from two pressure transmitters. High pressure transmitter measures hydrostatic pressure of liquid in tank, low pressure transmitter measures pressure of gases above the liquid. Differential pressure is calculated in the central unit.

Measuring Range

  • Nominal measuring range (FSO): 0...1 bar
  • Minimum set range (diff. pressure): 100 mbar
  • Admissible overpressure for pressure transmitters PC1 and PC2 (without hysteresis): 10 bar
  • Static pressure limit (depending on the set range of diff. pressure): -0,9 to 1,4 bar for range 0...100 mbar, -0,9 to 0,5 bar for range 0...1 bar
  • Measuring ranges of pressure transmitters PC1 and PC2:  2,5 bar ABS

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