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Pressure Calibration Testpump

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Leitenberger LR-LAP P electrical pressure calibration testpump -0.9 to 25 barThe electric pump  LR-Cal LAP-P with 2 pressure points generates test and calibration pressures (for overpressure up to 25 bar and vacuum pressure up to -0.9 bar) for pressure comparison tests. Fine adjustment is performed manually with a very sensitive fine adjustment valve.

When the measuring instrument to be checked and a sufficiently accurate reference instrument are connected to the LR-Cal LAP-P electric calibration pressure test pump, the same pressure acts on both measuring instruments when the pump is actuated. By comparing the two measured values at any pressure values, the accuracy of the unit under test can be checked or adjusted.

Due to the integrated electric pump, the LR-Cal LAP-P allows an automatic and exact pressure generation with the possibility to switch to vacuum generation. For precise adjustment of the test pressure the LR-Cal LAP-P electric calibration pressure test pump is equipped with a fine adjustment valve. Both the test specimen and the reference instrument are mounted on top of the electric calibration pressure test pump, if necessary using suitable thread adapters. No tools are required for connecting the unit under test and reference instrument, hand-tightening of the instruments is sufficient.Leitenberger LR LAP-P pressure calibration testpump -0.9 to 25 bar

  • Pneumatic (operated with ambient air)
  • Pressure up to +25 bar (363 psi)
  • Vacuum down to -0,9 bar (-26.6 inHg)
  • Bench type
  • Very easy operation, fine volume adjustment, no force required

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