Dec 21
in Leitenberger

IO-Link Sensors

LR Leitenberger  IO-Link devices for pressure and temperatureIO-Link is a peer to peer communication system for connecting intelligent sensors and actuators to an automation system according to IEC 61131-9. IO-Link sensors bi-directionally exchange process data, diagnostic reports, configuration and identification data. The standardized hardware and communication protocol allows easy plug & play, re-configuration, process monitoring & control.

LR Leitenberger offers high precision IO-Link pressure transmitters, switches and temperature switches:

  • LPT 533-IO Transmitter: 0-100 mbar, 0-400 bar, excellent thermal behavior and long term stabilityIO Link certificate Leitenberger Pressure Temperature IO-Link devices
  • LDS 350-IO Switch: 0-100 mbar, 0-600 bar, rotatable and configurable LED display
  • LTS 300-IO Temp Switch: -40 - 150°C, PT1000, rotatable and configurable LED display

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