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Pressure Calibration Testpumps

Leitenberger Pressure calibration testpumps, comparison pumps, spindle pumps, benchtop hand lever pumps, pneumatic, hydraulicLeitenberger from Germany offers a high precision pressure calibration testpumps to generate pressure for vacuum, DP, low and high pressure

  • portable pneumatic or hydraulic handpumps
  • hand lever comparison pumps - benchtop type
  • hydraulic spindle comparison pumps for high pressure


Portable Testpumps

LR portable pressure pump Leitenberger calibration  lpp60 lpp40 Leitenberger pneumatic hand pressure pump for calibration  lpp1000 Leitenberger calibration pressure pump hydraulic up to 100 bar 

low pressure & vacuum

60 or 100 bar & vacuum

700 or 1000 bar & vacuum


Hand Lever Pressure Comparison Testpumps

lpp60 t Leitenberger pneumatic hand lever test pump  lsp 100p  Leitenberger pneumatic hand pressure pump for calibration 

pneumatic benchtop type
up to 60 bar - switchable to vacuum -0.95 bar

pneumatic benchtop type
up to 100bar switchable to vacuum -0.95 bar


Spindle Pump Work Bench Comparator

lsp 1000hw Leitenberger pressure calibration Pressure comparator spindle pump  lsp 4000 Leitenberger pressure comparator spindle pump  bt400ox Leitenberger spindle pump pressure comparator for oxygen pressure calibration 

hydraulic -mineral oil or water
mounted or with plate - 1000/1200/1600 bar

hydraulic - special oil
rigit table housing - 4000/7000 bar

hydraulic - water
for Oxygen appl. 400/800 bar


more on pressure calibration testpumps

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