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Pressure Calibration Devices

Leitenberger Pressure Calibration devices, handpumps, calibrator, handheld, testkit, deadweight testerLeitenberger from Germany offers a wide range of certified high precision devices for the testing and calibration of pressure instruments such as

  • analog and digital pressure gauges, manometers,
  • transmitters, switches and pressure valves.

Procedures and certificates can be automated and documented.


Calibration Testpumps

pressure pumps for pressure calibration from Leitenberger

to generate pressure for vacuum, differential pressure, low and high pressure instruments up to 7000 bar

  • portable pneumatic or hydraulic handpumps
  • level comparison pumps benchtop type
  • spindle comparison pumps from 1000 to 7000 bar



pressure calibrator, handheld from leitenberger calibration

to display, visualize and store test results, with data transfer and documentation software options

  • Pressure calibrators and reference pressure gauges
  • handheld calibrators for low pressure, vacuum, DP, barometric air pressure, external pressure and temperature sensor options
  • controllers (for low pressure including pressure generator)


Calibration Testkits

pressure testkits from Leitenberger for calibration in marine vessels, ships, industrial application

  • for marine shipping vessels and industrial applications
  • with specific certification and accreditations
  • customizable (testpumps, calibrators, adapters,...)
  • rigid transit case with custom foams
  • for laboratories and workshops


Deadweight Testerdeadweight tester for calibration of pressure from Leitenberger

They work on the force/area principle with high precision and longterm recertification

  • for low, DP and high pressure
  • high precision testing
  • different material options

more on pressure calibration products

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