Tuesday, 10 August 2021 08:08

Admittance Level Switches for probe build-up coatings

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admittance level switch Hycontrol Admittance level switches from Hycontrol work with a considerable build up on the probe without false switching. They can distinguish between a coating and product level.



The Hycontrol Admittance Probe MD Series uses very similar technology to that of capacitance to detect the product level based on the dielectric properties of the media but has an additional reference probe. Admittance level switch description Hycontrol MD seriesThis offers the ability to ignore product build-up on the sensing probe to prevent false switching. This unique design utilises a protective insulation electrode between the conventional main electrode and the grounding sleeve, which enables the electronics to distinguish between coatings and actual product level.

  • low maintenance - no moving parts
  • adjustable sensitivity for wide range of products
  • adjustable time delay
  • failsafe mode (ground and high level testing)
  • easy installation with 1" BSP connection


  • Acid tanks and silos
  • Bitumen, tar and asphalt
  • Adhesives, polymers and paints
  • Wax, vaseline, grease
  • Syrups and pastes, carbonation by temperature drop
  • Powders, flakes and granules
  • Media which leave residue on the probe

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