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Vibrating Level Probes for light Powders and Solids

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vibrating switch Hycontrol DP type for solids and powders level measurementThe vibrating level switch DP series from Hycontrol gives sensitive reading for light powders and solids and prevents tank silos from overfill

and overspill. The diamond shaped design gives sensitive reading for light materials (flakes, granules, flour, cement) and avoids blocking or fork bridging with no maintenance or calibration required. The rope type can measure up to 20 m tank level. This technology avoids the mesurement errors and limitations of the capacitance, paddle and vibrating fork switches.

Working Principle of a Vibration Level Probe

The DP diamond shape probe with a protected rod inside utilizes a piezoelectric crystal to oscillate the blade with a frequency of 290 Hz. The vibration stops when material covers the blade of the probe. As only the tip of the vibrating blade is sensitive and not the base, any built-up on the vessel wall does not affect the operation. The backward and forward vibrations on the unique diamond shaped design give very sensitive measurement for lightweight materials (20 g/l), watch video



  • diamond shape probe with protected vibrating rod prevent blocking
  • no material built up above the probe or bridging between the vibration fork
  • no moving parts, no maintenance required
  • high sensitivity (suitable for light material)
  • unaffected by temperature, pressure, humidity, dielectric constant
  • unaffected by dust clouds and agitation
  • no measurement error by material carving out effect of rotary paddle
  • no calibration required
  • self-cleaning vibration effect
  • fail safe - ground level test function

vibrating solid switch types Hycontrol DP seriesTypes of Diamond Vibrating Probes

  • DP120 Standard probe - side mounting
  • DP130 welded extension - top or side mounting
  • DP140 threaded mounting, 1" pipe up to 4 m
  • DP150 top mounting with steel rope cable up to 20 m


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