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Contoil® fuel oil meters for large vehicles, ships, boilers


CONTOIL® fuel oil meters with 15 - 50 mm size up to 30.000 l/h flow range
to monitor and optimize the flow and consumption 

  • Heating systems (burners, boilers, tar processing)
  • in ships, generators and large vehicles
  • integrated processing for batching, filling, dosing



  • Fuel types: Heating fuel extra light / light, medium, heavy, fuel blends
    Naphtha, Lubricating oils, (acc. to ISO 8217-2012)
  • DN 15 - 50
  • Flow range: 20 l/h to 30’000 l/h
  • Accuracy: 0.1 % to 1 %
  • Pressure: threaded ends = 16 bar, flanges = 25 / 40 bar


  • integrated temp. sensor for mass flow
  • flow rate display, resettable counter, limiting switch Qmin/Qmax
  • accurate measurement indep. of viscosity and temp.
  • flexible mounting: horizontal, vertical, inclined
  • mounting on the pressure or suction side of a pump
  • compact, no straight inlet/outlet required
  • simple function monitoring, rapid fault analysis, easy repairs

Working Principle


CONTOIL® fuel oil meters work on the volumetric principle of rotary piston meters (positive displacement meters). The main features of this measuring principle are large measuring ranges, high accuracy, suitability for high viscosities and independence from power supply; flow disturbances do not influence proper operation.

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