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KEP Humidity & Temperature Controllers

KEPhumiditycontrollerThe mL-HTC Temperature + Humidity controller from KEP is designed for the control of humidity and temperature in industrial processes.

PID or On / Off control is available to control the process.

4 Relays are offered for control and alarm outputs.



  • 4 Digits for Temperature Display
  • 4 Digits for Humidity Display
  • Temperature Sensor Input: 0/4..20mA
  • Humidity Sensor Input: 0/4..20mA

    ml htcdescription

  • 4 Relay Outputs Heating Control Output Heating Alarm Output Humidification Control Output Humidification Alarm Output
  • Selectable Temperature Control ( PID or ON / OFF )
  • Auto-Tune PID
  • Set value boundaries
  • Alarm parameters
  • Adjustable internal buzzer according to the alarm situations
  • Password protection for programming mode,
  • CE compliant according to European Norms

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