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Contoil® Fuel Oil Meters DN 4-8

Contoil® Fuel Oil Meters DN 4-8  VZO mech. counter, pulse outp.	 	 VZD display, VZP pulse	 	 DFM 2 hall pulser or integr. 	 	 DFM BC

CONTOIL® fuel oil meters with 4 or 8 mm size monitor and optimize the consumption of Diesel and Mineral Oil in

  • Heating systems (burners, boilers, ind. furnaces) and
  • Diesel engines in ships, trucks or generators.

They are also used for batching, filling, dosing in integrated processing systems.


Contoil® Fuel Oil Meters DN 4-8Advantages

  • accurate, independent of flow disturbances, temp. and viscosity
  • flexible mounting: horizontal, vertical, inclined
  • mounting onthe pressure or suction side of a pump
  • compact, no straight inlet/outlet required
  • easy installation, supports most vehicles
  • proven and tested, tamper-proof measurement

Product Range

Direct Fuel Measurement  

Differential Fuel M. Board Computer
 VZO mech. counter, pulse outp.  VZD display, VZP pulse  DFM 2 hall pulser or integr.
 Contoil® Fuel Oil Meters DN 4-8 vzo  Contoil® Fuel Oil Meters DN 4-8 vzd  Contoil® Fuel Oil Meters DN 4-8 DFM  DMF boardcomputer Contoil® Fuel Oil Meters DN 4-8
 0.5 - 200 l/h opt. flow  1 - 200 l/h  10 - 600 l/h  total, trip, rate


Working Principle


CONTOIL® fuel oil meters work on the volumetric principle of rotary piston meters (positive displacement meters). The main features of this measuring principle are large measuring ranges, high accuracy, suitability for high viscosities and independence from power supply; flow disturbances do not influence proper operation.

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