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Valve Testbench PS 15M for Safety and Control Valve Testing

Valve Testbench PS 15M for Safety and Control Valve Testing EFCOValve test bench for testing of safety valves and shut-off / control valves

  • vertical operation
  • pipesize DN 15 (1/2“) - DN 500 (20“)
  • clamping force 15 - 75 tons, infinitely adjustable
  • robust construction, easy operation
  • brushed stainless steel frontpanel, opt. touch panel
  • modular design with many options
  • opt. Valve-Doc software for logging, recording, analyzing

watch video PS 15M

EFCO Valve test benches are used for testing and inspection of new valves, valve repair testing and routine test of safety valves.

EFCO Valve DOC Recording System

They consist of a clamping unit and a control panel for operation, measurement, and control.The test piece is held securely by the corrosion protected clamping device and sealed on inlet and outlet. Valve outlets can be flanged, threaded, welded socket pieces or sandwich/wafer types. The operating/measuring/control unit (console) is used for the actual test (filling of the valve, building up of test pressure, controlling the clamping unit, measuring of test pressure). The optional EFCO Valve-Doc software for plugin is pre-configured and easily installed to log, record and analyze set pressure and seat & body leakage tests.

Models:Valve Testbench PS 15M for Safety and Control Valve Testing EFCO

DN in mm (inch)   
Clamping force (t)
PS-15M 15–250 (1/2"–10") 15
PS-30M 25–400 (1"–16") 30
PS-50M 25–400 (1"–16") 50
PS-75M 25–400 (1"–16") 75

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