Sep 15
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Infilink - HMI Industrial Automation Software

infilinkInfilink is a feature rich Industrial Automation – HMI/SCADA software for today’s “Open”, IIoT connected world. We connect with all programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to provide an easy to use, open, scalable, secure platform to optimize the value of your operation. Designed for small- to medium-sized PLC applications, the Infilink software offers the latest in HMI monitoring, communication, trending and datalogging.


Key Features:

  • HMI.PCpanel

    free design mode for drag-and-drop application design
  • graphical library, import of drawing tools, buttons, animation wizards
  • historical and real-time trending, datalogger, customizable alarms, scheduler
  • OCP webserver client functionality, SQL integration
  • KEP ServerEX PLC driver included
  • E-Mail and Web enabled: send e-mail and view tag data over the internet
  • remote Android and IOS access
  • machine based - multi-process - enterprise solution



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